5 tips to choose right summer camp

It’s time to start looking for right Summer Camp for your child.

Have you been to any summer camp as a child? If yes you would agree to what we are going to share here and if not, then get engage with your friend or child who has experienced it.



Camps that get it right provide a safe haven away from parents in which children learn to stretch their wings and experience life with a different sort of autonomy.


1. Talk about expectation and objective

Before you begin your research to identify right camp, discuss idea of camping with your child and try to understand what he or she would like to do. What he would like to do? With whom she would like to go? What are his concern?

Also share your idea about camping. Do make them understand that to go beyond comfort zone is important for real fun as well as development. But make sure not to push beyond certain limits and make their first experience nightmare.

2. History of organization and experience of team

Second most important thing is background check of organization as well as team. Only no of years are not the proof for better organization, check their past record, read online reviews given by other parents, check background of team, check if anyone from your known circle have been to the camp and what was their experience etc.

3. Study Camp Brochure or Website

Carefully study camp brochure or website. This will not only help you understand camp details but also philosophy of the organization. Also let children go though these details and see pictures or videos of the program you are considering to register for.

4. Safety during the program

Do check what kind of measures have been taken for safety of the child. Beside physical safety also try to understand how are they taking care of emotional, social and intellectual safety.

5. Still not sure, begin with parent and child program

If you are very unsure if your child will be able to manage on its own or you are feel he or a child is not confident enough to go alone, you can begin with Parent and Child Camp. Such programs not only gives an opportunity to you to understand organizations way of conduction but also child get familiar with the facilitators and norms of camping. You can also keep safe distance and let your child manage on its own. Letting him or her sleep with other campers at night is also a great start.