Tips to deal with anxiety

   “Mumma, my stomach hurts badly today I really cannot go to the school. I promise I will go tomorrow I am not feeling good, please don’t make me go.”  Are you also tired of these kinds of tantrums your kid throws to you every second day? Have you ever wondered about the real reason behind this sweet little lie your loved ones make? This may be because your kid is facing some anxiety issue.

Yes, you read it right! Kids these days face end number of anxiety issues. Not only the adults are being threatened by stress but also these days stress has become a major problem for kids. Each and every kid is anxious about something. However according to our point of view, the problem our kids have may be very small, but according to them, it can be a massive problem in their life. The feeling of stress makes the children feel like they are in some kind of disaster. Kids think that they have some sort of burden in their life and it is really hard to face it. Children may come with some solutions to the problems, but at the end of the day, they are kids those solutions turn out to be temporary ones. A parent should know that the time has arrived when they need to take an action and come up with a real solution in favour of their kids.

Kshitij is seeking and coming up with extraordinary solutions to get rid of the anxiety problems kids face these days by introducing the H3 program. H3- Head, Heart and Hand program uses fundamentals of experiential education and science of play and theory of multiple intelligences to know a child’s potential. This program is India’s first program which focuses on the dynamism of 3H’s. The program is aimed at improving the child’s cognitive, affective and behavioural skills.

“A child who appears aggressive may be reacting to the anxiety he can’t articulate”. Learn more about how anxiety can lead to disruptive behaviour in our H3 program. Children who attend Kshitij’s H3 program are encouraged to learn techniques to deal with emotional distress and anxiety on their own. One on One counselling gives them a toolbox of coping mechanisms that they can use when they become anxious or experience a panic attack.

The only solution to get rid of a problem is to deal with it by standing against it like a pillar with a strong foundation. People usually start to ignore the problem or start running from it. STOP! It is high time to deal with the tendency and make your child more mature. A child with anxiety difficulties may have many worries. Kids who are stressed get upset very quickly and hesitate while trying new things.

Every parent should know these tips and tricks to knock down the issues of anxiety or stress your kid is dealing with –

  1. Accept the reality – Kids these days think more about what if this situation occurs or what if I will be in X circumstance. The simple solution is eliminating the problem with accepting the reality and thinking about the facts. Don’t let them think about what if and make them give a thought about what is. It will help your kid to stick to the real scenario of life and will cut out predictive thoughts.
  2. Climb the ladder – Children are worried about so many little things. Say, if your kid is anxious about sitting on the swings in the park. What do you do to provoke them? How do you make them break off the fear? The tip is making them ready to go for easy go swings, engaging them in the activities they don’t feel worried about and then finally letting them get on a swing they were anxious about. Approaching the problem in a step by step manner can help the kid to cope up with it easily.
  3. Stop giving reassurance – During the period of anxiety, kids really don’t understand what is happening. Kids brain doesn’t let them think either positively or accurately. So, the key here is making your kid be their own detective. Tell your kid to catch the thoughts when he is feeling stressed about a thing. Telling them to collect the evidence to deal with such sort of feelings. Judgements can make a difference at this stage.
  4. Challenging thoughts – Once you and your kid realise the problem, the next step is approaching the difficulty face to face. You must encourage your kid to challenge his own thoughts. Boosting your kid’s energy to the fullest. Enthusiasm must be at the peak level in this period. Teach them to be active and most importantly boos their energy to the maximum extent possible.
  5. Finally, check your own behaviour – “Teach what you preach”, you must first be your own master. If you are teaching your kid about a certain aspect to make sure that you know about the facts that you are giving the lessons on.
  6. Imperfection is also perfect – It is not important to be perfect all of the time. Being imperfect is not a crime. Your kid must know that imperfection sometimes is okay. A person who is real cannot be perfect at every single phase of his life. When teaching your kid about hard work you should also give a lesson about accepting failure. Giving them an idea about mistakes are not wrong and letting them learn from their own mistakes can prove magical here.
  7. Have an eye on positivity – Self-criticism and negative thoughts are majorly driven by anxious or stressed children. Your child should focus on positive areas of life. The more your child will focus on positive areas of life the more he will welcome positive thoughts and feelings into his brain. This will automatically cut out the contrary ideas he is getting now and then.
  8. Relaxing activities – every individual is busy in this era. Even children are too busy to give themselves enough time and credit. In order to avoid anxiety issues or stress, kids must be taught some really fun and relaxing activities. Scheduling a particular time for your kid to do yoga, playing sports, dance, paint and other physical activities will not only break down the negative thoughts but also keep your kid physically and mentally active.

Children who confront with anxiety or stress seek reassurance about stuff, avoid situations they feel worried about, have lots of fears and many other things. Does your kid also suffer from anxiety issues? Poor self-esteem and low confidence can force a child to step into the world of anxiousness, Kshitij’s H3 program involves fun loving activities along with One on One counselling which leads your kid to think out loud. It also develops a sort of positive thinking and self-acceptance in a variety of ways. It’s high time to let go of the anxiety and stress issue your loved one is facing. Self-criticism is not a way to live the life. Kshitij lends you a hand and has come up with the ultimate program. If you haven’t registered yet, it isn’t too late. REGISTER NOW!


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