Make humans in the world of robots


When baby birds are born, they are taken with utmost care and fed by their parents. After a while, the mother bird leaves their chicks to teach them self-dependency. On the other hand, coming to humans, we don’t let our child grow up. We have surrounded them with technology, games and social media all around. Do you think likes on social media will let your child connect to the real world or an online game will build up their confidence and make them self-dependent! At Kshitij, we design programs which enables a kid to step into the real world and connect socially in a better way.

Children learn faster than an adult. They absorb every information from the surrounding like a sponge. This developing brain takes everything, either it is relevant or irrelevant. It also helps the child to know and learn new things. Newborns take the massive amount of visual information during the first few months. Children can understand the gender difference at the age of two. Kshitij Redefining Fun engages children‘s HEAD, HEART, HAND in the process of evolving through the experience that affects their cognitive, affective, behavioural skills

We stand by our children like their protectors, are we going to continue being a security guard for them their entire life? Imagine a room filled with children all around; some are playing fun games, few are talking, building a new bond by knowing each other and then you see a kid sitting alone in one corner who is introvert and wants to connect with others but is too shy to take the first step. It is essential for them to learn about socialising in the real world. Social contact will also make them an extrovert and a confident individual who loves group activities.  

Connecting to the real world has many benefits like a failure, yes you read it right it is a benefit! Failure to communicate can lead your child to a new perspective of life, Self-dependence. Your kid’s Interaction with the real world will make them have new friends maybe some best friends too with whom they will carry a lifetime bond. Communicating will also be helpful for your kid in the future when they start working as professionals. It would be pretty more comfortable for them to connect with people in the surroundings. Your kid won’t hesitate to start a conversation with new people they will meet. There are various benefits of social development, each and every type plays an essential part in a kid’s life.

Society Impact: Cognitive and Social Development:

Feminine toys reflect the idea of attraction and building skills. Unfortunately, this also emphasises the importance of attractiveness. When girls play with kitchen toys, they begin developing skills in domestic duties. Similarly, boys who play with blocks and legos will develop their spatial skills. The exposure of masculine toys will encourage the spatial skills development, and hyper-masculine toys will promote competitive, violent behaviour. This is why men have more risk-taking behaviour than women, and it is socially accepted that men are dominant and aggressive.

Optimizing Child Development:

Hyper-feminine and hyper-masculine toys will promote image importance in women and aggression in men. So, try to get neutral and less biological toys like musical instruments, blocks which help to stimulate artistic, creative, social, educational and scientific development in children. Gender-oriented toys help to develop different skills and offer various advantages which gives a well-rounded experience and development.

Growth in self-esteem:

When children interact with others, they learn speech and language skills. For a child, it becomes better to relate and to react to the people around him. Most exciting and fun experiences enable a kid and reinforce him to get into his comfort level with own individuality. A good friend circle also gives them the power to build and strengthen the self-esteem.

Strengthen learning skills:

Impact of social development can generate communication skills within the children which helps to build the healthy relationship with their peers. It is usually seen that children who have a difficult time in getting along with classmates at early stages go through the hard phase to achieve the academics in their future. Social development helps to increase the learning skills of a child which indirectly improve children social activities with other classmates.

Resolve conflicts:

Healthy self-esteem and self-confidence can help kid these days to resolve the conflicts and act to the problems more wisely and intelligently. Children tend to grow wiser if they tackle the problem smart and effectively.

Establish a positive attitude:

Confidence helps to bring the best among the children, which leads them to make more new friends and get to socialise in a positive environment.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 300 million people all over the globe suffer from various types of anxiety issues. So, if you don’t want your kid to be one among the estimated numbers try to make them come out of their shells. Make them fall in love with talks, let them be the centre of attraction on their own. There are many benefits of socialising with people like understanding the behaviour of different individuals, hogging the limelight, expressing your thoughts and ideas in a right way and the list is endless. Connecting will ultimately help in building a strong and healthy relationship with society.

Along with communicating, your kid will also learn to listen to others. When he interacts, socialises with people he should pay attention towards what the person in front wants to say and their motive behind it. By this, the interrupting nature will be eliminated, and a sense of patience will be developed in your child. They will also start understanding what isn’t being said by understanding the postures, gestures and other non-verbal cues. Paying attention to others will make them a better human being which everyone wants in this tech and savvy world.

As a part of the our programs, we communicate with the kids and helps them to build a healthy relationship with parents and nurture excellent and challenging concepts to understand it with you. This will benefit from encouraging the development of cognitive and artistic skills. We also break the stereotype. Praise girls not only for good appearance but also help them to develop scientific and spatial skills and make it fair for both genders.

Small children are impressionable, and they learn what they see. They get the cues from their parents, teachers and cartoons they watch. Different clothes are worn by different gender; both the genders have different toys, they react differently on situations and many other things influences children very much, also as a part of the our program they learn what they want and what society wants them to be.

It is our responsibility to advise you that you should include TV shows and cartoons that imply fewer gender stereotypes because kids learn what they see. Most importantly you must reduce the exposure to violent and aggressive shows. Paying attention towards what sort of human being your kid is turning into should be your priority. Encouraging children and explaining to them the importance of social development and why connecting socially is so important is the duty of parents. Children must be taught to be a lifelong learner, as learning is a never-ending process.

Cellphones are the best friends of kids these days, how a gadget can play such an important part for kids. Will gadgets help them get out of depression or will it laugh at the jokes cracked by someone? Kids really need to be taught about the real interaction that they can have with real people outside the virtual world. 

So, next time when your child refuses to come to a family occasion never let them stay alone in the house with a gadget in hands. Taking your kid along will not only make them socially active, friendly and approachable person but will also keep them physically and mentally refreshed.

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