Ten reasons why camping is good for kids

Nowadays, kids are surrounded by technology and electronic devices keep distracting them from taking a glimpse at nature and explore the beauty of the earth. In the past, people used to work at places surrounded by trees and fresh air, which is the reason they are still fit and beautiful at the age of eighty. Camping is one the activity which takes you to the different world of nature, exploring the real beauty away from the concrete jungle.  Children who are new to the camping world, keep on learning new things and learn what is good for them and how to be more independent. Camping gives independence to kids which develop the sense of exploration to a new world and helps them to socialize.

Kids nowadays are busy with the devices playing games and discovering the new social media apps that are connecting them to other kid virtually. Virtual reality is a thing nowadays. Technology is tearing apart the true meaning of playing in playgrounds. Camping is based on the particular structure in which different activities are carried out according to the interest to improve the skills and abilities of children and help them to develop. How is camping beneficial for kids?

Here are 10 Reasons why Camping is good for kids:

Camping is one of the most effective activities which brings tremendous changes in a kid’s behaviour.

  1. Breathe fresh air:

Living in a city is not healthy for a kid, because of a huge amount of Co2 gas and pollution emitted in the atmosphere. When a kid takes some fresh oxygen from trees will make them healthier. Happiness that kid has when he breathes in fresh air from where the camp is out. The brain becomes less strained when there is a large amount of oxygen. Camping makes children feel fresher due to which it helps them to develop the behaviour to deal with the hard situations. Plus, an additional advantage of camping in nature is that it gives kids that energy to play more and have more fun.


  1. Reduce Stress:

Camping is good to reduce stress and deal with stress. Children nowadays are more capsulated, and they don’t like to share what is a reason for anxiety. Camping helps to reduce the strain and feel the freshness by offering some time without stress at the campsite. And, there is a factor it is more difficult to feel annoyed and angry when you are doing what you like.  It helps them to create more space for themselves and other children to mix up and share the similar feeling of togetherness letting out the problems and stress with each other.


  1. Improve moods:

When it comes to the benefits of camping for kids, you should know that it helps to improve the moods. Spending more time in sunlight can help the kid to even out melatonin levels in the brain. It’s a chemical that makes humans feel exhausted and can cause the feeling of depression. Therefore camping can make you experience better moods even after the campsite. Mood swings happen a lot in children due to the school work and competitive environment in school, and camping is the best way to have patience with a touch of fun in it.  Camping brings the thrill and enjoyment at the same time which makes children to experience the life-changing development and how to behave in different situations.


  1. Enjoy new challenges:

There are no camping trips that are the same. New activities which are intellectually and physically stimulating help to have a positive impact on kid’s brain. A kid can find a new adventure, and that will help check out the endurance and strength of the kid.  Challenges are fun in camping, as there no competition for kids in camping. It improves the abilities of the children. Kid gets to explore the skills and talent in which he is good plus he can explore new things.  Challenges bring the best in kids in camping, and trekking is one of the challenges in which kids struggle to the complete the journey till the end of the mountain, and all are curious to know the end and the beauty from the top of the mountain which boosts them to trek the whole mountain.



  1. Reconnect with Nature:

Nature is one of the most helpful ingredients in life. It helps kids to have healthy development and enrich the experience. It keeps the kid away from the phone and let them explore the real beauty of world not on screen but with their eyes. It gives them the feeling of freshness and makes kids more curious about exploring the true colours of nature.  Children nowadays mostly grown in cities don’t know the touch of nature as all they are surrounded by cars and building. That’s the reason for exposing to new things and get to know more about nature helps children to boost their brain, and they learn new things from nature.

  1. Make a healthy relationship:

As we all know nowadays, it gets pretty hard for a child to make friends especially shy kids don’t usually go out and have a word with other children. Camping together can bring a special bond between the kids which not only help them to socialize but also have a person with whom he can share anything.  If kids bring their friends to camp they can enjoy the fun of playing some games like volleyball and softball, it helps to connect with another group of children.


  1. Helps you to exercise:

One of the best benefits of camping is there are lots of physical activities for kids. Technology makes them sit in one place due to which they became lazy, and it affects their health. Camping is all about physical activities.  Trekking a mountain, playing different games a mile away from technology really helps them to improve health. Calories get burned because of the activities that are carried out during camping. On other hand camping activities helps to know the child’s improvement and development.


  1. Reduce Screen Time:

We all know kids nowadays are addicted to the phones. As they return from school, all they want is the phone to play games. It affects their eyes due to spending too much time concentrating on screen. In camping, kids basically forget about the phones as their curious mind is exploring the beauty of nature because things are very different for kids to explore the nature as mostly kids grown up in cities where they can’t find things they experience during camping.


  1. Increase in Self-Confidence:

Camping is not only about having fun, and it actually brings out the best in the kid. During the growing age, we learn, and camping teaches various things in a whole different concept. It brings the confidence in a kid that he is doing great. Camping can increase a kid’s self-esteem and self-confidence as there is no academic, social and athletic competition that they have in school.  Non-competitive activities boost the self-confidence of a kid. Camping is a real booster for young children.


  1. Develop Lifelong skills:

Camping can develop lifelong skills in children because of the activities that are practised during camping.  Camping provides right instructions, facilities and types of equipment for children to develop the skills and talent they are good in and such as sports activities, artistic talent and adventure skills. The variety of camping activities helps children to do what they like. So, camping helps children to expand their abilities.



We, at Kshitij, provide a wonderful camping experience which lets your kid explore the beauty of nature and the environment. We help them to learn from nature as we all know nature is the best teacher

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