Why is H3 necessary for your kids?

Understanding a kid’s mind is an essential obligation for all the parents who are in the early years of practice. The key to this understanding is the development of skills in observing children and of interpreting those observations. A holistic approach is needed for the development of a kid.

A holistic approach to child development seeks to simultaneously address the physical, emotional, relational, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of a child’s life. The importance of the holistic approach is that it children learn different things at different stages, e.g. walking, talking, excellent motor skills etc. Holistic development is the overall development of all areas of development in children.

As such, holistic education is based on the idea that children can be taught more naturally and engagingly. Rather than compartmentalising school subjects, the holistic approach seeks to empower children to use their academic learning as a foothold for their emotional and social development.

Kshitij’s H3 program does absolutely that. H3 stands for Head, Heart and Hand. It engages the kids in fun activities which affect their cognitive, affective and behavioural skills. The primary motive of this program is to help the parent, and their kid understands their potential, likes dislike and channelise that energy into helping them become more aware of themselves and others around them. The critical feature of this program is the combination of parent and child in all engagement sessions. This educational approach is inclined towards play-based learning, children’s creativity, and their imagination. For instance, a holistic curriculum could include dance and stage performance, speech, photography, or painting (to name only a few) in addition to the “traditional” subjects.

The benefits of a holistic approach-

  1. According to research done by Sir Ken Robinson, a holistic educational approach redefines not only what a core subject is, but it also redefines how children should be taught.
  2. The most significant benefit of a holistic approach isn’t just about mental development, but it encompasses psychological, social and emotional growth.
  3. A holistic approach motivates children to learn about a subject. It instils curiosity and allows children to learn naturally and creatively.
  4. It is also attuned to each child’s persona and learning style, in contrast to the current mass educational system.
  5. A holistic approach helps in developing the communication skills, social skills and better confidence in the kid.

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