What is DMIT? How does it benefit the kids?

All humans possess all multiple intelligence in varying amounts. Each individual has a different sort of intellectual composition. We all can improve education and learning style by addressing nine multiple intelligences of our students. This multiple intelligence is centred at different parts of the brain lobes. Intelligence may either work individually or together depends on ability. All these intelligence will define the human personality type.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a scientific study associated with the fingerprint patterns and brain lobes. This helps in understanding a unique inborn potential and personality. It is a tool that analyses the learning styles, intellectual, emotional, analytical, creative quotient, personality type, memory pattern, qualitative and quantitative strengths and weaknesses which eventually lead to clarity for choosing between career options. DMIT Analysis will be based on Neuroscience and Multiple Intelligence Theory.

Centuries of study and research works have enabled development of Dermatoglyphics science. This science in coordination to the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Dr Howard Gardner has developed an accurate means to provide latent information from an individual with the help of fingerprint study and analysis. This method of analysis is known as Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT).

How does DMIT help in a child’s progress?
You can’t imagine the benefits the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test can have on a kid. However, here is a list of some benefits:
1. Understanding the advanced and well-grown areas of the mind.
2. Developing a better method to help the child learn better.
3. Getting a precise knowledge of the innate personality of the child.
4. Finding out the talent in a child.
5. Tracing out the weak areas of the kid through DMIT test and reports.
6. Setting the aim of study from the early childhood.
7. Understand the right parenting techniques and teaching style.

DMIT test can be applied for kids as well as parents.
1. DMIT helps parents to understand their children better by exploring their children’s hidden talents and understand their learning pattern.
2. DMIT allows individuals to explore the hidden inborn intelligence and their style of learning. This further helps in guiding the individuals to progress through life (right career path).

We, at Kshitij, are committed to create awareness and educate the masses about the benefits and the need of DMIT. Don’t let your kid be an average student. Know his/her inborn talent with DMIT test and be a winner.


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