7 ways to get your kids off gadgets

No doubt gadgets have made kids smarter, intelligent and technology-friendly, but they have also made kids lazy. Electronic gadgets take away so much time from kids and rob them of the fun they should have as kids.

How do you stop kids from using something so convenient and fun? When, they could watch their favourite videos, cartoons and movies any time they want, play games for hours, click their pictures, chat with friends and do so many other things with thousands of apps present out there, how do you make them stay away from it all? These are the questions most parents must be facing right now.

For most parents, it seems impossible to get their kids de-addicted from gadgets, but parents relax. It may be difficult but not impossible. A little bit of effort and planning on your end can solve this problem. However, the changes will not happen overnight and you ought to be patient.

Here we list the seven ways to get your kids off gadgets-

  1. Make kids befriend books– Books can be a man’s best friend. Reading books is the best form of addiction, and a habit once formed stays with us for life. Reading books can make you smarter, intelligent, informed, thoughtful and disciplined. Make sure your kid reads on the traditional paperback rather than any electronic device. Kids would enjoy adventure stories, comics and stories with life values.
  2. Bring home a pet– Bringing home a pet can make your kid spend all his free time in taking care of the pet. Pets also make your kids more responsible and understand the value of bonding and friendship.
  3. Get them to play outdoors– Most children stop going out of the house to play outdoor games. Kids nowadays spend little or no time going outdoors which has severely affected their lifestyle. Make your kids play outdoor games such as cricket, football, badminton, tennis, hide and seek. The idea behind playing outdoor games is to make fitter and healthier and get a sound sleep.
  4. Involve them in household chores– Parents often refrain from assigning tasks to kids thinking they might create a mess, which would only double up the work. Assign easy household chores such as cleaning the shelf, keeping books in proper order, folding the laundry, and helping around in the kitchen. These activities would make kids independent and make them feel empowered, as they would not have to rely on anybody.
  5. Encourage kids to go on camping– Camping can be a great way to make new friends and explore the outside world. Going on camping also has many physical benefits which will improve your health. Camping helps kids reconnect with nature and play outside in fresh air. They will be free to run wild, meet other children and set their imagination free. A camping trip might be just what your kids need.
  6. Make meals a no-phone zone– The family that eats together stays together. For most families, a shared meal is an oasis of hard-earned together time, carved out between soccer nights, late nights at the office, evening meetings etc. The constant buzzing of the mobile phone can take away the whole experience of dining together.
  7. Organize craft sessions– Introduce your kids to the fun and engaging art and craft sessions for them. You can buy some fantastic stuff from the market to get things started. Organizing these sessions on the weekend can be a great option.

These tips will not work if the parent itself does not correctly use the gadgets. So practise what you preach.