Camping Hygiene

3 kidsCamping gives the most refreshing feeling ever, but to carry out the entire camping process all you need is be well equipped and aware of the hygiene during the camping and while roaming around the campsites. One of the hardest things to manage while camping in the outdoors is personal hygiene. Whether you’re at a camping facility complete with water or you’re roughing it miles away from the nearest person, keeping clean is a struggle. Without the modern conveniences, we’ve become so lazy to, keeping up with the dirt, bacteria, and grime that seems to be so fond of our skin and hair is a constant challenge. But with these simple tricks and a few items, you can keep yourself relatively clean, healthy, and odour-free in the outdoors.

While camping you have to be aware of every single thing, especially when it comes to keeping you and your children clean and hygiene. If you have enough space in your bag, take all important items that are useful. However, most campers have a very less amount of space for their camping equipment.

Here are the most camping hygiene essentials to remember:

1. Basic Hygiene Items

The most basic camp hygiene items are toothpaste, toothbrush, soap/shampoo, feminine hygiene products, and similar must-have items.

2. Daily Rinse

Instead of showering on a short camping trip,  substitute a quick daily rinse with a splash of water on face and hair plus a quick rub down with camping wipes (or baby wipes).

3. Fresh Clothing

A set of fresh clothing is a must item after a long day of camping in the dust and dirt. Bring along as many fresh clothes for camping.

4. Bathroom/Shower Knowledge

Don’t wait until you are deep in the forest to learn how to shower or go to the bathroom while camping. Google everything about shower guide and bathroom guide in camping.


Camping Hygiene Hacks

There are some hygiene hacks that are easy to carry out if the bag is full of other items. Camping hacks are practical tips and tricks you can use to make spending time in the forest easier.

Here are a few hygiene hacks specifically towards staying clean and fresh on your next camping trip.


  1. Camping Wipes

Camping wipes, old baby wipes, help you stay clean and fresh from head to toe while in the forest. They are a great way to “clean up” after defecating.

  1. Synthetic Clothing

When backpacking sometimes you don’t have enough room to pack each and every item in a bag. Synthetic clothing is made of moisture wicking materials that limit bacteria, wicks away sweat, and keep you feeling fresh.

  1. Dots and Slivers

When you’re camping, there’s no reason to pack a full tube of toothpaste or a bar of soap when backpacking. A good camping hack is to place small single-use dots of toothpaste in tin foil and small slivers of bar soap in a plastic bag while planning a backpacking trip.

  1. No Deodorant

Leave the deodorant at home while camping. Not only can scented deodorant attract animals, but it also takes up unnecessary space in a bag. And you don’t really need deodorant since everyone you meet along the trail will be stinky anyways.

Feminine Hygiene While Camping

Camping on your period might be like a deal breaker. But there are a few ways to make it manageable. You might stress out for the first time, but you’ll soon realise that backpacking with your period is not that hard.

The first thing you have to do is making a choice between tampons and menstrual cups. When it comes to tampons and menstrual cups for camping, you should just go with what you normally use at home. Though a menstrual cup does save a little weight in a bag, the problem is a lack of soap and hot water for easy cleaning. Another benefit of menstrual cups for camping is the lack of waste. Unlike a tampon, there is no need to pack any used waste.

Packing hand sanitizer and pre-moistened wipes are helpful. You can also bring a few pairs of nitrile medical gloves to make things clean and simple really.

Once again, it all about what makes you most comfortable. For most women going camping, it’s great to just stick to your normal routine. Stashing your feminine hygiene supplies as part of your overall camp hygiene kit so that you’re never without the products you need on the trail. And, despite what you may have heard, a women’s menstrual blood does not attract animals.

How to Shower in the Woods-

The best way to keep you clean and hygiene is to do showering while camping. Showering is the lot easier while camping, as it seems to be not so easy at first thought. Camping showers come in all sizes and shapes. There are various types of showers in camp from simple cold showers to solar showers to portable hot water heater showers.

The best type of shower in camping is a solar camp shower. There are devices use the heat of the sun to warm up the water.

You can clean yourself off with baby wipes while in camp, bathe in a lake or stream, or even give yourself a sponge bath.

Do not bring:

  1. Deodorant because it smells attracts woodland animals.
  2. Shampoos are bad for the environment.
  3. Mirrors are not useful as they broke easily and may be harmful.
  4. Non-biodegradable products are bad for the environment like plastics.

Final Thoughts

For some people staying clean and hygiene seems to be impossible.  But with just a little knowledge of how to stay clean, and some of the basic preparation, it’s actually really quite easy. So, take outdoor hygiene hacks to heart to make the most out of your next camping.

Make humans in the world of robots


When baby birds are born, they are taken with utmost care and fed by their parents. After a while, the mother bird leaves their chicks to teach them self-dependency. On the other hand, coming to humans, we don’t let our child grow up. We have surrounded them with technology, games and social media all around. Do you think likes on social media will let your child connect to the real world or an online game will build up their confidence and make them self-dependent! At Kshitij, we design programs which enables a kid to step into the real world and connect socially in a better way.

Children learn faster than an adult. They absorb every information from the surrounding like a sponge. This developing brain takes everything, either it is relevant or irrelevant. It also helps the child to know and learn new things. Newborns take the massive amount of visual information during the first few months. Children can understand the gender difference at the age of two. Kshitij Redefining Fun engages children‘s HEAD, HEART, HAND in the process of evolving through the experience that affects their cognitive, affective, behavioural skills

We stand by our children like their protectors, are we going to continue being a security guard for them their entire life? Imagine a room filled with children all around; some are playing fun games, few are talking, building a new bond by knowing each other and then you see a kid sitting alone in one corner who is introvert and wants to connect with others but is too shy to take the first step. It is essential for them to learn about socialising in the real world. Social contact will also make them an extrovert and a confident individual who loves group activities.  

Connecting to the real world has many benefits like a failure, yes you read it right it is a benefit! Failure to communicate can lead your child to a new perspective of life, Self-dependence. Your kid’s Interaction with the real world will make them have new friends maybe some best friends too with whom they will carry a lifetime bond. Communicating will also be helpful for your kid in the future when they start working as professionals. It would be pretty more comfortable for them to connect with people in the surroundings. Your kid won’t hesitate to start a conversation with new people they will meet. There are various benefits of social development, each and every type plays an essential part in a kid’s life.

Society Impact: Cognitive and Social Development:

Feminine toys reflect the idea of attraction and building skills. Unfortunately, this also emphasises the importance of attractiveness. When girls play with kitchen toys, they begin developing skills in domestic duties. Similarly, boys who play with blocks and legos will develop their spatial skills. The exposure of masculine toys will encourage the spatial skills development, and hyper-masculine toys will promote competitive, violent behaviour. This is why men have more risk-taking behaviour than women, and it is socially accepted that men are dominant and aggressive.

Optimizing Child Development:

Hyper-feminine and hyper-masculine toys will promote image importance in women and aggression in men. So, try to get neutral and less biological toys like musical instruments, blocks which help to stimulate artistic, creative, social, educational and scientific development in children. Gender-oriented toys help to develop different skills and offer various advantages which gives a well-rounded experience and development.

Growth in self-esteem:

When children interact with others, they learn speech and language skills. For a child, it becomes better to relate and to react to the people around him. Most exciting and fun experiences enable a kid and reinforce him to get into his comfort level with own individuality. A good friend circle also gives them the power to build and strengthen the self-esteem.

Strengthen learning skills:

Impact of social development can generate communication skills within the children which helps to build the healthy relationship with their peers. It is usually seen that children who have a difficult time in getting along with classmates at early stages go through the hard phase to achieve the academics in their future. Social development helps to increase the learning skills of a child which indirectly improve children social activities with other classmates.

Resolve conflicts:

Healthy self-esteem and self-confidence can help kid these days to resolve the conflicts and act to the problems more wisely and intelligently. Children tend to grow wiser if they tackle the problem smart and effectively.

Establish a positive attitude:

Confidence helps to bring the best among the children, which leads them to make more new friends and get to socialise in a positive environment.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 300 million people all over the globe suffer from various types of anxiety issues. So, if you don’t want your kid to be one among the estimated numbers try to make them come out of their shells. Make them fall in love with talks, let them be the centre of attraction on their own. There are many benefits of socialising with people like understanding the behaviour of different individuals, hogging the limelight, expressing your thoughts and ideas in a right way and the list is endless. Connecting will ultimately help in building a strong and healthy relationship with society.

Along with communicating, your kid will also learn to listen to others. When he interacts, socialises with people he should pay attention towards what the person in front wants to say and their motive behind it. By this, the interrupting nature will be eliminated, and a sense of patience will be developed in your child. They will also start understanding what isn’t being said by understanding the postures, gestures and other non-verbal cues. Paying attention to others will make them a better human being which everyone wants in this tech and savvy world.

As a part of the our programs, we communicate with the kids and helps them to build a healthy relationship with parents and nurture excellent and challenging concepts to understand it with you. This will benefit from encouraging the development of cognitive and artistic skills. We also break the stereotype. Praise girls not only for good appearance but also help them to develop scientific and spatial skills and make it fair for both genders.

Small children are impressionable, and they learn what they see. They get the cues from their parents, teachers and cartoons they watch. Different clothes are worn by different gender; both the genders have different toys, they react differently on situations and many other things influences children very much, also as a part of the our program they learn what they want and what society wants them to be.

It is our responsibility to advise you that you should include TV shows and cartoons that imply fewer gender stereotypes because kids learn what they see. Most importantly you must reduce the exposure to violent and aggressive shows. Paying attention towards what sort of human being your kid is turning into should be your priority. Encouraging children and explaining to them the importance of social development and why connecting socially is so important is the duty of parents. Children must be taught to be a lifelong learner, as learning is a never-ending process.

Cellphones are the best friends of kids these days, how a gadget can play such an important part for kids. Will gadgets help them get out of depression or will it laugh at the jokes cracked by someone? Kids really need to be taught about the real interaction that they can have with real people outside the virtual world. 

So, next time when your child refuses to come to a family occasion never let them stay alone in the house with a gadget in hands. Taking your kid along will not only make them socially active, friendly and approachable person but will also keep them physically and mentally refreshed.

Ten reasons why camping is good for kids

Nowadays, kids are surrounded by technology and electronic devices keep distracting them from taking a glimpse at nature and explore the beauty of the earth. In the past, people used to work at places surrounded by trees and fresh air, which is the reason they are still fit and beautiful at the age of eighty. Camping is one the activity which takes you to the different world of nature, exploring the real beauty away from the concrete jungle.  Children who are new to the camping world, keep on learning new things and learn what is good for them and how to be more independent. Camping gives independence to kids which develop the sense of exploration to a new world and helps them to socialize.

Kids nowadays are busy with the devices playing games and discovering the new social media apps that are connecting them to other kid virtually. Virtual reality is a thing nowadays. Technology is tearing apart the true meaning of playing in playgrounds. Camping is based on the particular structure in which different activities are carried out according to the interest to improve the skills and abilities of children and help them to develop. How is camping beneficial for kids?

Here are 10 Reasons why Camping is good for kids:

Camping is one of the most effective activities which brings tremendous changes in a kid’s behaviour.

  1. Breathe fresh air:

Living in a city is not healthy for a kid, because of a huge amount of Co2 gas and pollution emitted in the atmosphere. When a kid takes some fresh oxygen from trees will make them healthier. Happiness that kid has when he breathes in fresh air from where the camp is out. The brain becomes less strained when there is a large amount of oxygen. Camping makes children feel fresher due to which it helps them to develop the behaviour to deal with the hard situations. Plus, an additional advantage of camping in nature is that it gives kids that energy to play more and have more fun.


  1. Reduce Stress:

Camping is good to reduce stress and deal with stress. Children nowadays are more capsulated, and they don’t like to share what is a reason for anxiety. Camping helps to reduce the strain and feel the freshness by offering some time without stress at the campsite. And, there is a factor it is more difficult to feel annoyed and angry when you are doing what you like.  It helps them to create more space for themselves and other children to mix up and share the similar feeling of togetherness letting out the problems and stress with each other.


  1. Improve moods:

When it comes to the benefits of camping for kids, you should know that it helps to improve the moods. Spending more time in sunlight can help the kid to even out melatonin levels in the brain. It’s a chemical that makes humans feel exhausted and can cause the feeling of depression. Therefore camping can make you experience better moods even after the campsite. Mood swings happen a lot in children due to the school work and competitive environment in school, and camping is the best way to have patience with a touch of fun in it.  Camping brings the thrill and enjoyment at the same time which makes children to experience the life-changing development and how to behave in different situations.


  1. Enjoy new challenges:

There are no camping trips that are the same. New activities which are intellectually and physically stimulating help to have a positive impact on kid’s brain. A kid can find a new adventure, and that will help check out the endurance and strength of the kid.  Challenges are fun in camping, as there no competition for kids in camping. It improves the abilities of the children. Kid gets to explore the skills and talent in which he is good plus he can explore new things.  Challenges bring the best in kids in camping, and trekking is one of the challenges in which kids struggle to the complete the journey till the end of the mountain, and all are curious to know the end and the beauty from the top of the mountain which boosts them to trek the whole mountain.



  1. Reconnect with Nature:

Nature is one of the most helpful ingredients in life. It helps kids to have healthy development and enrich the experience. It keeps the kid away from the phone and let them explore the real beauty of world not on screen but with their eyes. It gives them the feeling of freshness and makes kids more curious about exploring the true colours of nature.  Children nowadays mostly grown in cities don’t know the touch of nature as all they are surrounded by cars and building. That’s the reason for exposing to new things and get to know more about nature helps children to boost their brain, and they learn new things from nature.

  1. Make a healthy relationship:

As we all know nowadays, it gets pretty hard for a child to make friends especially shy kids don’t usually go out and have a word with other children. Camping together can bring a special bond between the kids which not only help them to socialize but also have a person with whom he can share anything.  If kids bring their friends to camp they can enjoy the fun of playing some games like volleyball and softball, it helps to connect with another group of children.


  1. Helps you to exercise:

One of the best benefits of camping is there are lots of physical activities for kids. Technology makes them sit in one place due to which they became lazy, and it affects their health. Camping is all about physical activities.  Trekking a mountain, playing different games a mile away from technology really helps them to improve health. Calories get burned because of the activities that are carried out during camping. On other hand camping activities helps to know the child’s improvement and development.


  1. Reduce Screen Time:

We all know kids nowadays are addicted to the phones. As they return from school, all they want is the phone to play games. It affects their eyes due to spending too much time concentrating on screen. In camping, kids basically forget about the phones as their curious mind is exploring the beauty of nature because things are very different for kids to explore the nature as mostly kids grown up in cities where they can’t find things they experience during camping.


  1. Increase in Self-Confidence:

Camping is not only about having fun, and it actually brings out the best in the kid. During the growing age, we learn, and camping teaches various things in a whole different concept. It brings the confidence in a kid that he is doing great. Camping can increase a kid’s self-esteem and self-confidence as there is no academic, social and athletic competition that they have in school.  Non-competitive activities boost the self-confidence of a kid. Camping is a real booster for young children.


  1. Develop Lifelong skills:

Camping can develop lifelong skills in children because of the activities that are practised during camping.  Camping provides right instructions, facilities and types of equipment for children to develop the skills and talent they are good in and such as sports activities, artistic talent and adventure skills. The variety of camping activities helps children to do what they like. So, camping helps children to expand their abilities.



We, at Kshitij, provide a wonderful camping experience which lets your kid explore the beauty of nature and the environment. We help them to learn from nature as we all know nature is the best teacher

Celebrating 12 years of Kshitij

Kshitij has touched more than eight thousand lives since it first began in 2006. The camps and workshop have inspired a culture of giving and spreading happiness. As we celebrate our 12 years of redefining fun, we thank many families for joining this ride of joy and happiness.

We are extremely happy to announce that we have crossed yet another milestone in the history of our company. On the 16th of July, Kshitij would complete 12 years of its establishment. On this occasion, we would like to thank each one of you for being an earnest part of Kshitij.

Kshitij was founded on 17th July 2006, when the founders Vipul Chheda and Kalpesh Satra channelled their innate fondness for the outdoors and their love for working with kids into a company named Kshitij. They began by offering meaningful experiences to kids through Outdoor adventure camps, functioning majorly during the vacations. Over years, their own horizons expanded and Kshitij began designing and conducting various workshops, team bonding programs and customized programs for schools, corporate, social organizations and learners and has catered to almost 7000 kids in the last 12 years.

We are grateful to our clients and customers who trusted in us to help them provide immaculate services. Their demands, challenges and feedbacks have pushed us to go ahead and improve vigorously. Our success story remains incomplete without the support of our clients and customers. Not only have they made us a part of their lives but also helped us reach out to the world. They spread the word faster and in a better way than any of our promotional means could.

We can’t thank you enough for your contributions to Kshitij, so on this auspicious occasion, we are glad to announce a Lifetime Membership for kids.

This membership aims to offer a benefit to kid’s up to the age of 18 years, on every outdoor program and workshops conducted at Kshitij. Each member gets a membership card, goodie bag, and rate benefits for the lifetime. This membership card can also be used to gift experiences to kids!


7 ways to get your kids off gadgets

No doubt gadgets have made kids smarter, intelligent and technology-friendly, but they have also made kids lazy. Electronic gadgets take away so much time from kids and rob them of the fun they should have as kids.

How do you stop kids from using something so convenient and fun? When, they could watch their favourite videos, cartoons and movies any time they want, play games for hours, click their pictures, chat with friends and do so many other things with thousands of apps present out there, how do you make them stay away from it all? These are the questions most parents must be facing right now.

For most parents, it seems impossible to get their kids de-addicted from gadgets, but parents relax. It may be difficult but not impossible. A little bit of effort and planning on your end can solve this problem. However, the changes will not happen overnight and you ought to be patient.

Here we list the seven ways to get your kids off gadgets-

  1. Make kids befriend books– Books can be a man’s best friend. Reading books is the best form of addiction, and a habit once formed stays with us for life. Reading books can make you smarter, intelligent, informed, thoughtful and disciplined. Make sure your kid reads on the traditional paperback rather than any electronic device. Kids would enjoy adventure stories, comics and stories with life values.
  2. Bring home a pet– Bringing home a pet can make your kid spend all his free time in taking care of the pet. Pets also make your kids more responsible and understand the value of bonding and friendship.
  3. Get them to play outdoors– Most children stop going out of the house to play outdoor games. Kids nowadays spend little or no time going outdoors which has severely affected their lifestyle. Make your kids play outdoor games such as cricket, football, badminton, tennis, hide and seek. The idea behind playing outdoor games is to make fitter and healthier and get a sound sleep.
  4. Involve them in household chores– Parents often refrain from assigning tasks to kids thinking they might create a mess, which would only double up the work. Assign easy household chores such as cleaning the shelf, keeping books in proper order, folding the laundry, and helping around in the kitchen. These activities would make kids independent and make them feel empowered, as they would not have to rely on anybody.
  5. Encourage kids to go on camping– Camping can be a great way to make new friends and explore the outside world. Going on camping also has many physical benefits which will improve your health. Camping helps kids reconnect with nature and play outside in fresh air. They will be free to run wild, meet other children and set their imagination free. A camping trip might be just what your kids need.
  6. Make meals a no-phone zone– The family that eats together stays together. For most families, a shared meal is an oasis of hard-earned together time, carved out between soccer nights, late nights at the office, evening meetings etc. The constant buzzing of the mobile phone can take away the whole experience of dining together.
  7. Organize craft sessions– Introduce your kids to the fun and engaging art and craft sessions for them. You can buy some fantastic stuff from the market to get things started. Organizing these sessions on the weekend can be a great option.

These tips will not work if the parent itself does not correctly use the gadgets. So practise what you preach.

Five things we need to unlearn as parents

As a parent, I have often found myself lecturing my kid for no reason. I think we take it to be a package deal that comes with parenthood to keep reminding them of dos and don’ts, rights and wrongs, morals and ethics, so on and so forth. Poor kids!

Well, this is just one amongst the long list of terrible things that many of us are guilty of including being over-protective all the time or burdening them with too much academics. Honestly, these are the things that we parents need to unlearn immediately. Because only then, we’ll be able to make space for a new kind of learning, a new understanding of the dynamics of the parent-child relationship that’s much more than what we know of it.

So here are five things we need to unlearn as parents that can help us have a new insight into the beautiful world of kids around us.

  1. Rule-book: There are no manuals- be it parenting or childhood. They are just experiences. We all learn by living it not by reading from some rule-book. So nurture your relationship with your kid not on the basis of how it “should” be but how it is.
  2. Failure is bad: Failure isn’t the end of the world. Don’t let your anxieties over-power your kids. Fear of failure hampers creativity and has an adverse effect on a child’s physical and mental development.
  3. Technology is the culprit: This seems to be the fad these days with the parents to blame everything on the technology. Technology is a necessary evil of this generation and it’s foolish to think that you can do away with it. Instead, find a way to limit its intake. Plan weekend getaways, go for a treasure hunt and you won’t find gadgets ruling your kid’s mind again.
  4. Academic success is what matters: We all want to see our kids successful but success isn’t limited to academics. Your definition of success could be different from your child’s. Do give it an ear.
  5. Life would be happy, if only we were richer, skinnier, fairer, etc etc. This list goes on and on. Happiness has no terms and conditions. So, don’t postpone it for any excuse.

Live it, explore it and be it!


Team Kshitij brings #SelfieWithMom contest


Kshitij-Redefining Fun is presenting #SelfiewithMom contest which can earn one lucky kid a free trip to our next big adventure camp. All you have to do is upload a quirky, crazy and madcap selfie of the mom with her kid in the comments section and the picture which gets the maximum likes will be the winner. Come on mommies!! Don’t let your little brat miss on this fantastic opportunity. Good luck from all of us at Team Kshitij.

The rules for the #SelfieWithMom contest are-
1. Children aged 6 to 12 years can only participate in the contest.
2. Only one entry will be allowed per person. If anyone posts multiple entries, she will be disqualified from the contest.
3. After uploading the selfie, it is mandatory to tag at least three other mommies and use the hashtag #SelfieWithMom.
4. The contest will be exclusively valid for Mumbai residents only.
Click here to participate in the #SelfieWithMom contest.